peking duck- can't stand


8 Years
Jan 3, 2012
came home from work, duck was in pool. she did not get out when fed everyone. when I took her out of the pool she could not stand. what has happened. she was fine before I went to work this morning. what would cause this. I do not want to lose her, put in a separate pen for now. the other duck is fine and my chickens show no signs of anything. help!


Overrun with Runners
12 Years
Jan 3, 2010
Southern New England
She may be egg bound - very gently see if you can feel anything inside near the vent.

I would put her into a tub of lukewarm water deep enough to float in - the warm water may help her relax and let go if it is an egg.

She could also have an infection that has gone undetected till now - a vet is a really good idea.

She may have injured her legs - an Epsom salt compress may help.

I would keep her quiet, look her over very carefully, put her where there is fresh water and food and where she is safe.

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