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    Sep 21, 2012
    Lebanon PA
    I try not to drive farther than 30 mins. one direction for an animal. Haven't found anyone close enough with what I want.
    I will have to admit I didn't ask for birds here. I asked on the Wyandotte thread and I asked on the Facebook group I'm on. So, Does anyone have any Laced Wyandotte eggs, chicks or Adults for sale near Lebanon PA? I apologize for not asking here first. I should have known better.[​IMG]
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    Okay, 88 PAGES PEOPLE!?!? Man! LOL!! I'll be back, just needed to post this for sally then I'm running out for those pallets and layer feed for sandy because their previous owner said that she is getting eggs from that hatch now, which means I'll be seeing my first eggs soon!! WAHOO!!! Time to get the golf balls ready!!
    This is from my current batch that's incubating. I LOVE seeing these babies moving!!

    Also, I was missing yesterday because the hunk and I put up the fence! LOL! It's not perfect, but it keeps them where I want them, so it's good. I have some adjustments I need to make, but the girls (and boy) like it out there. LOL! The bottom part of the fence is loose, so I am going to rock the bottom of it. It's only loose in 2 spots, but I'll take other precautions. Besides, I think a mini rock wall along the bottom would look nice. God knows my property has 4 acres of rock. LOL!! I threw some rocks in for them to trim their beaks. The only thing I have to do is build the gate. so Hooray! That will be done today. (I'm going to see if those free pallets are still available.)
    So here is the fence.

    They have almost 100 feet of running around space. Maybe more like 80. Obviously when the babies are of age, I'll make a pallet house for them and add onto the run. I'm making a separate one for the ducklings, because I want to keep their eggs separated from the chickens. :) Then I'll be waiting for my goats (Blarney!) LOL!

    Okay, I'm outta here for now! Talk to you guys later!
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    Aug 7, 2012
    Heather as them. She just hatched. Heatherscooby77 is in Grantville and Ray...Ray in Pa has some older ones...And he is outside of Womelsdorf.
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    Sep 13, 2012
    Just sayin' hi, everyone! Welcome new peeps! And welcome to the world & congrats to new hatchlings!
    The peacock cake is gorgeous! Congrats! Many years of happiness & blessings to you!

    Speaking of peacocks, anyone gonna have peachicks or a nice young pair for sale? I'd prefer to raise them with the kids. PM me :)
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  5. mama2my4

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    Feb 8, 2012
    Julian, PA
    lol! no worries! But I just thought you could get better quality (healthier, longer laying) peeps from local breeders.
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    Feb 24, 2012
    Berks County Pa
    Here you go heather the pics u have been asking for. They look a little funky because they were dusting in kinda wet dirt so feathers aren't too fluffy today. If you like them I can gladly give u the lady's info she would be a lot closer for you!


    now i wanna see updated pics of ur guys :)
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    Mar 19, 2011
    Reels Corner, PA.
    Is there a list of local breeders somewhere?
    Looking at the map that missydcpc made the closest any of ya are to me is at least an hours drive. I am willing to drive some distant for better birds than the hatcheries has.
  8. mama2my4

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    Feb 8, 2012
    Julian, PA
    I was working on one, but then with all of the medical issues my daughter had this year, it kinda got lost. If everyone would like to PM me with what they are breeding (will you sell chicks, eggs, started birds) and how far they would be willing to travel to deliver, I will get it put together ASAP.
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    Oct 25, 2012
    Horsham, Pa
    99 posts to read and catch up on Wowsers! I picked up a hanging feeder! Loving it! The girls seem a bit confused about it, and still go to there other feeder, I am going to faze that out I was wasting a lot of food, this will make it so much easier for me to gage how much they really eat! I also picked up a few more trash cans for food storage that is now all set up in the barn! [​IMG] I also like the FF idea, I had read that a little bit ago, maybe now with this explanation here I will give it a try!

    I really need a straw hat! Maybe even a banjo?!?
    I was looking on my Pet Chicken, the shipping was pricey, but you can order less than 15 and I only want to add 4 more girls, Since all my chicks I just raised are all Roos ( 5 freaking Roos.. I'm still like WTH) Myers the minimum is 15.
    I found a place from back home that is getting chicks, so I am placing an order with them. They have the breeds I want, all but the Sussex, so I will be on a hunt for one of those, I think they are sooo pretty!
    I have been trying to get a silky pullet, but end up getting Roos, along with the cochins all Roos [​IMG] So I am giving up on those as they are not going to lay like I want anyway, Lrg white/brown, high egg productivity so I am going to try my luck with a few other breeds after reading about higher productivity birds.
    I have a BLRW, I am not of fan of her, Not sure if it is because I picked her up when she was older or what, I got her back around Thanksgiving, and was told she is older than my others, by like a month. Well she is still not laying, and just seems snooty! lol My others will come up to me and I can pet them, she just keeps her distance. Did I mention she is not laying yet?? hmmmm She is just lucky she is pretty. Only 1 girl is laying and that is my OEG.

    My son is 8 (wow I typed 6 first) and I had the girls out Saturday since it was semi nice out- I have a makeshift run for them that I move them to on nice days. Well it was time to put them back in the barn, and my son wanted to help, I got the 3 in No problem, and then there is my son, chasing after my girl Tully (she is a OEG) poor girl looked so upset, she took one look at me, and flew up and jumped on my arm!! I was even shocked! My son was like, what the heck mom, she looks like parrot now! I love my girls so much! :) and my darling son the not so great chicken whisperer! hehe
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    awwww I of course like bubba! but would love to see a face LOL I dont ask for much!

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