Perennials in the Run

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    Apr 3, 2013
    Hey there!

    I am anxiously awaiting spring time so I can start rehabbing my coop and run. (We moved last year and I will be getting new chickens this year)

    I learned alot from having birds before of what NOT to do... but I have some ideas running through my head...

    I cannot free range- too many predators. So the girls will have a fairly large run. I am going to plant with a mixture of annual and perennial grass seed before I get chicks, so "hopefully" it will be nice and thick before they turn into hens and destroy it.

    I also had an idea- and wanted to know if anyone else has done something similar. I think you have all seen the "fodder boxes" - similar to raised beds, with a mesh top..

    I was thinking about doing this maybe with some perennials... making some sort of dome, or box around the plants, allow the plant to grow big and strong, but also enough to allow the birds to "get a bite" but not destroy the whole plant. Any ideas?
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    Apr 6, 2014
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    Consider making removable containers so if the plant starts to look like the end is near, remove out of the run and let it regrow/recuperate. Cover with wire mesh like you mentioned so the hens do not have access to scratch the plant to finish. Also consider growing some plants in containers just outside of run. Here you can get elaborate and grow many. The chickens will be snacking on whatever comes thru the netting.

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