Perfect Temperature?


I'm trying to figure out what's killing my silkie eggs.

I've never had a problem before. I's a hovabator 1588 w/fan and up until now everything has been perfect. ??
I have a borrowed LG..still air. I ordered a fan for it but it did not come until day 7 of incubation. So I had hubby install it while I candled the eggs. My temp had stayed perfect at 101. I was excited to add the fan as it would make things better. I tried all day to get it regulated and ended up not using the fan. I just hatched out a great clutch of eggs. I know a lot of people do not like the LGs but for some reason and being my first time it really did good. Now...this does not mean the next one will be..but hoping it will!
And Rebelcowboysnb....many of your post where SOOOOO much help for me...thanks!
i can't get mine to stay at 99.5 either, it's sitting right around 100- 100.1 sometimes 100.2 very frustrating lol. at least i got it up from the 97 it was sitting at... stupid thermometer wasn't working correctly. new one does.

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