Perfectly fine EE now dead!

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Jun 2, 2009
NE Ohio
She was still warm when I found her in a nesting box. Her face was purple, she was laying on her face. I just cleaned out and dusted the henhouse for lice (only one bird, but figured I should do the whole thing, I painted the nesting boxes with the oil/kerosene mix and waited for it to dry before putting them back. I did this on Friday. All the birds were happy and healthy, only a couple of birds with sniffles, and not this one. No one else seems to be sick.... I am in shock and cant understand what could have happened....

I have this list of diseases with symptoms, but she only had the death and blue face, her face was fine yesterday...

I'm going to finish feeding everybody, will check back in a little bit.

(also, no pasted vent)

Hubby came home and checked her out. He did a best guess autopsy cut and she had a stuck egg. He said she would have died if she had laid it, SO SAD!!

I AM relieved it isnt some disease that came to destroy our flock.
sorry for your loss

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