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    May 31, 2009
    Hello everyone. One of my favorite girls is a bit off today.

    Breed: Black Australorpe (Hatchery, unfortunately)

    Age: 3

    Symptoms: Somewhat depressed acting for 24 hours, passed a small amount of normal colored poop with mucous and a crushed, semi-formed egg last night, a bit smaller than her normal. There was some blood-tinged mucous on it.
    This morning: Hunkered down in her cage, cooing a bit like she's broody. No more poops.
    Color is good.

    Eating: Yes. Last night: scrambled eggs and yogurt, about 1/4 cup
    This morning: Wet, warm, sloppy Layena with a small bit of calcium ground into it. 1/4 cup
    She drank quite a bit of vitamin-laced water last night.

    Treatment options: I'd like to treat her at home.

    Question: Should I start antibiotics in case she has a tear in her oviduct due to the crushed egg passing? All of it came out attached to the membrane, and was thin-shelled, but there are some sharpish edges on the shell and the blood has me concerned.

    I know the argument about not giving antibiotics unless they're needed, but in this case, I was afraid that if she has an infection starting and is asymptomatic at this point, it might be wiser to just start her antibiotics now, rather than waiting until she gets bad. I'll give her the full run.

    The only thing my feed store could sell me was Tetramyacin that's specifically for pigs, chickens, cows and turkeys.

    Thanks, Mary

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