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    Okay, I moved my flock a month ago to a new coop. Their old coop bacame the new chicks coop and they got a much much larger coop right around the corner of the barn. I kept them locked in for 3 weeks and then let half of them out. I had to CARRY each one in after it got dark. I tried to walk behind them but that didnt work. So today I said okay, they have been in there long enough. The only ones I didnt have to carry in tonight were the guineas [​IMG]. My next idea is to set up a temporary run to get them used to going in and out of the door and never losing sight of the coop. What do you guys think? Any other ideas? I tried putting treats out too. I guess they were too full. Any help would be great. Good thing I only have 16 to chase. Thanks, Krista
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    Sounds like they are highly attached to their old coop. I'd try your run idea so they can't go too far.

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