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Jul 9, 2012
I'm currently in the process of building my personal website (though really, it's for myself, my mother, and my older sister, since we're collaborating on this project), and I was hoping someone could give me some advice on what to include on it.

Please be aware that the pages are mostly not yet written, I've simply set aside pages for things. All photos of the birds are my own, although the misc ones are temporary stock photos just to act as filler.

As a run-down, we breed japanese and chinese quail as hobby breeders, and I'll also be putting a page up about my D'anvers once I'm ready to start with them. The website aims to provide information about both species of quail in regards to housing, diet and colour, mostly, and also to promote our own birds once we begin selling them. One of the issues we've been facing is finding new stock within a reasonable distance - we aim to have unrelated breeding groups, and so far have done so, but not many people seem to actively breed or sell quail within a fair distance of us. If they do, then they fail to advertise in a way that gets seen, so this site will also -hopefully- let people know that someone here does sell them.

I currently have pages for each quail species, including a page set aside for our own birds, information about each species, and a colour guide. I also have, obviously, an index, an 'about us', a sale page and a contact page.

Here is the site, if anyone is interested:

I'll be adding to it and changing pages over the next couple of weeks, and a lot of the text on there that is currently written is temporary.

What would anyone recommend including?

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