personality/color test in RT gooslings?


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Jun 6, 2009
vero beach, Fl.
Hello, 10 RT (Roman Tufted)gooslings arrived via P.O. Wed. by Fri. the two dark beaked,darkest colored ones were pecking the tuft and back wet of one and making it red skinned 'til I separated it. The wire cage is roomy and set up correctly-started out with growgel Plus in chick starter and Quick Chick in water. Now feeding Mazuri waterfowl starter and these two do the same to any other one they choose with a couple others mildly doing same thing. My question is, does this personality and color mean anything as far as sex of bird? Also, I only want to keep 4 ( the feed store will sell any I don't keep) . Do all males get along? My friend and I failed miserably at vent sexing them! Some are big,yellow and others are grey on the back all have nice tufts. They are imprinted and come to hand feed chopped green grass and have a bath daily. Any advice will be appreciated as I am new to this great idea of chatting. I must take out the ones I want to keep by Wed. so I am dividing the cage according to the sweetest ones!
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Guess I wasn't clear in asking about the sex being determined by the personality (aggression in pecking and dark color) of some Roman Tufted goslings over others. I'm new to this whole thing so.... as it stands,the feed store sold the two in question. They are all cute and healthy so I will go by "luck of the draw" to see what I get- a big ,yellow one- male(?), pick 3 others and see what they turn out to be! I got attached to the remaining four(going to feed store also) and hope they get good homes,almost kept them except they are really messy.

I love my Roman Tufted Geese. My males have had less gray on their backs. I have not seen much of a difference in personality as babies. How old are your babies? My males get along very well I have 11 of them, three of which being male. All in all, they are a tight knit group and adopted and became very protective of a baby I hatched in my "bator" - I added the baby to the group when he/she was 3 weeks old. It took less than 3 hours to be included. The goose that had sat on eggs that didn't hatch adopted him and it is one of the neatest things I've ever seen. Where do you live? I wish you lived in Nebraska...if you did...I'd buy everyone of those babies. They are awesome...just love em!
Hello, thanks for your reply JOJO and DeVon80. Things are going fine with the Tufted Roman goslings- 14 days old today. Playing in the outside dog pen set up so they can eat grass and I can run outside in this humidity(we are in Vero Beach, Fl. 92 degrees today) and give them more fresh water in a pie pan to bath in!!! The first two females I took to the feed store I find out a friend of mine bought who is also raising duck babies- glad to know they got a good home. I went on Holderread waterfowl farm's web page and learned quite a bit about geese. Also, Metzer farms- I didn't know about these places-got mine at Murray McMurray so it was interesting to compare prices ,info. Another friend bought some blue colored and violet colored geese $$$. /can't wait to see them.
I have to learn how to put on photos and post in the right place now. The Killed thread post was funny. Where is spell check on here? I'm kind of lost but will read FAQ when all else fails!
I've been to Vero Beach...we loved it! Glad the babies are doing fine. I've been wondering about you and everything was going. Keep us posted. My geese are all doing to watch them play in their swimming pools. I had them out grazing today - they all had such a good time. The youngest four of the group were exhausted by the end of the day. They were really ready for bed tonight when I locked them up.

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