Pesticides, etc?


8 Years
Feb 26, 2011
Benton, LA
We are in the process of designing/building a coop and run for chickens that we don't have yet. It is within the fenced perimeter of our backyard although we live on an 8 acre small horse farm. We planned it this way so that if we are outside we can potentially let them out of their run to free range with supervision(hawks, owls, neighbor's dogs...all a threat). I purposely planned the location adjacent to a 20x40 dog pen that is also within the same perimeter. It makes for ease of access to water source and we feel that the two beagles who reside there will be good warning sirens if any nighttime predators begin to "inspect" the area. thing just dawned on me. In the hot humid summer months here in Louisiana, we have a lot of bug problems....including fleas. We topically treat the beagles with Frontline, but also frequently spray their yard with product that surely is not healthy for chickens. I dont want to risk run off into the chicken area. My question is this.....will the Diatomaceous Earth product that everyone raves about prevent fleas in the dog run area? Where do I purchase it and how much should I apply? If not, what product is recommended?

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