pet pekin - injured and nobody will treat her.


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Apr 22, 2013
I have a pair of 1 year old Pekin ducks. The female is barely able to walk more than three or four feet without lying down and spreading her wings open. I don't know if its her wing but it seems to be more than one thing bothering her. The male gets a little rough with her so I didn't know if maybe that was what cause injury but I am more concerned with getting her treated. I cannot identify the problem - she almost acts like she has an egg stuck that she can't lay or something ...she acts like she's having some kind of contraction in her midsection then just spreads her wings and sits. She spent all day in the water yesterday which I thought was funny because she's usually is out more than she is in. then I figured out that she could barely get out of the pond and so I picked ber up and took her into their den in the barn. I wanted to make sure she was going to be able to eat and drink overnight and be sure she be okay today. She appears wose today. I called my vet, three or four other vets and also several extensions of Wildlife and Ohio State University farm animal division. Nobody can help me. If she were wild it would be no problem but since she is domesticated nobody will take her on. I don't want to see her suffer and I need to know what's going on and if she is treatable. She is a pet and I love her like any of my other pets and I don't want her to be in pain. Any suggestions?
I would suggest separating her from the drake immediately. It is quite possible that in his roughness andd overbreeding he has injured either pelvis or hips or both. If this is the case, time will heal her, but she must be kept separate from him if she is to recover. If she does recover, you might want to get more ducks or consider getting rid of the drake.
Monitored swimming on a daily basis may actually help with her healing. Good luck at resolving this problem.
Barbie took Ber last gasps of air shortly before I checked on her before I went to bed. I am so sad... and my drake is going to be so lonely. I'm going to give up on getting any more. I loved that duck. I hope I can find someone with other pet Pekins to care for Homer. Heart broken.
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