Phantom broody?


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Jul 9, 2009
Ive got a bit of a problem with two of my girls, the thing is, about a week ago two of them started sitting on eggs laid by the rest of my girls, I kept pulling them off the eggs and sending them out of the box, they would run off to get water and food and run back in to sit again but in this space of time id taken the eggs out and theyd still sit there on nothing just in the nesting box all puffed up as if they were on eggs and broody. Since mid week they have been sitting in the box on nothing until i pull them out of there and the whole routine of food and water then back in starts again! I dont seem to be getting anywhere with pulling them out of the box so does anyone have any sudgestions other than getting some fertilised eggs for them to sit on? theyr starting to drive me crackers now!

We've all been in your shoes, it's okay.
The hens need to be exiled to a wire cage, with no bedding material. Give them food and water only. If at all possible, hang the cages so they dangle. The point is to get outside air under their rears so they lose the broody instinct. A few days to a week should cure them. Good luck.

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