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    Since it seems as though many of you raise pheasants I hope I can get a good answer. I have the book, Introduction To Ornamental Pheasants, and contained within are the required areas for the aviaries of certain breeds, ie 100 sq ft for red golden. In addition other sites have similar numbers, but I have yet to find if this pertains to just a single bird, a pair, or trio. I assume this is for total area for the aviary, which includes a shelter and run. Given most of the breeds raised, and those I would be interested in, are hardy, the shelter would be minimal. I have also seen birds kept in small pens where they may have only a dozen square feet for three birds. So what are the opinions of the experts out there, what size of run do these birds need, what sized shelter and any other pertinent information? I have currently a trio of Lady Amherst as well as Reeve's. I would like to get, in the future, the red and yellow golden as well as peach and dark throated red, Swinhoe, Elliot's, Impeyan and probably more but that is a start. Thanks in advance to all who help.
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    One golden needs 100 square feet? is that right? I thought it was like 10 square feet? I cant help much becasue I dont have pheasants...yet! Lol [​IMG]

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    Like I said that is what is in my book as well as other sources yet it does not state how many birds it is for, it may be for a trio, it may not. That is the reason I am asking, I am not sure and there are a lot of other people out there who know what they are doing and can give me some insight.
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    I know some people that have pheasants in an 100sq ft aviary, and thats for a pair and a trio, and they are very healthy and happy birds.
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    As a general rule, the bigger the better and go for the largest size your pocketbook or property can handle. Most of what is written is for the minimum requirements. Also, do as much research as you can on their natural history - found out their habitat types to re-create and if they are monogamous or not. A smaller sized aviary will work if done properly. I keep forest species such as Elliot's & Edwards in fairly small aviaries, but each is planted heavily and contain natural perching, rocks, and other items that keep the species calm. Each hen has brooded their own clutch in these aviaries as well.

    Several great books are listed on each of my pheasant species pages (, I suggest checking out a few before purchasing your birds.

    Some ideas for aviaries can be found on our picture post at and on the old, locked forum -


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