pheasant eggs 6 days of incubation good or not ? help please

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7 Years
May 18, 2012

hi i was wondering if some one could tell me if these eggs are any good or not i've tried candling them but can't make them out !

cheers sam
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anyone ? sorry there not the best photos ill try and get some better ones tonight .

i havent had chickins for a while 5 years or so im a little rusty, i never candled my ko shamo eggs back then so when we found these eggs i thought i'd give them a go as i already had a incubator and x10 o shamo & x10 thai eggs in the post so these could of been a bit of a pratice run . any help would be most welcome as i dont really want to crack one open to see whats going on unless i really have to !

here are the eggs VVVVVV

ok i couldnt get any better photos tonight so i ended up cracking one of the eggs open as i did i broke the yoke could some one please tell me if it looks ok or not ? they have been in a home made incubator for 7 days ...
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