pheasant eggs non fertile


5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
lower pa
I am getting a lot of pheasant eggs many different breeds only getting fertile eggs out of a couple of pairs. It seem that the male do not seem to be breed acting like they are not interested in there job. Wanted to see if any one else is have this problem or any suggestion to maybe do to make them want to breed. Thanks
I have been getting for two weeks last night I checked 19 eggs I had in there and only 4 where fertile. I just put the third batch in last night. it seems like the male are not interested in them cuz the hens are not roughed up at all. Out of the 9 breeds I have only two are fertile. thanks
They are in pens all over but where they can see each other. I put up stuff 4' high see they cant see each other. Thank
I cant figure it out I am just hoping that the male will decide to do there jobs. Thanks alot. The weather as been hot and cold.
This is the third week of eggs set in the incubator. and candled them at 7 day and out of 35 pheasant eggs only 8 where fertile .
I am in the same boat but I sort of expected a low hatch given my birds are all 2013 hatch birds- out of the 8 I put in the bator- 4 were viable and went into lock down late Sunday/early Monday- so far, one has hatched....
That is the thing I dont understand most of my birds are all older than 2 years old but I do have some yellow that are 2013 and all of there eggs are fertile

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