Pheasant Imprinting?

Whiskey Bay

9 Years
May 24, 2010
Mississippi Gulf coast
I am totally new to the whole pheasant world.DH had some Jumbo Ringnecks awhile back,and I didn't care for them.They were psychotic.Always bashing around the pen when you walk by.Well I've kinda started liking the ornamentals.Most of the ones I've seen have been pretty laid back and not too wild.I acquired a pair of yellow goldens ,who are a lil on the wild side,but not psychotic.Just not used to interaction.I also got a male Lady Amherst(need a female if anyone has an who is pretty tame actually.He will let me move around in the pen,and sometimes come up for food.Peeps at me at feeding time.I also have eggs in the bator.I've hatched out my first four eggs.A fella gave me 4 Silver eggs.All four hatched,but I sold two. The two I kept are now about 3 days old.They are in my bathroom,with some other chicks.My question is...Do they imprint or anything? One of these chicks is totally attached to me.Both of them want to curl up and sleep on me,but one is really attached.He jumps out of the brooder box and runs to the door chirping (very loudly mind you) until I come in. If I walk in there for anything ,he/she's at my feet.I put my hand down and it jumps right in.Wants to be up on my chest or in my hair.He sits peeping up at me,and I peep back....He hears me and gets started up... The other one isn't like this one.It just wants to lay on me and sleep.Do you think he will stay 'loving'...or will he forget mom? Is it good to be interactive with the babies?Will that tame them some...or just let them grow up with normal interaction?

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