Pheasant Run - Help Please


11 Years
Feb 4, 2008
Venice, Florida
I have a 6 x 10 dog run - chain link that I would like to use til I get their permanent run finished. I have 3 adults. One male, 2 females.

How can I make that predator proof and keep them in?

Run Questions:

Is it better to dig a trench and put the hardware cloth down in there or just put concrete around the outside?

I was thinking of using hardware cloth along the bottom and then 1" poultry netting along the sides above the hardware cloth. It will have an actual roof. I'm going to be sowing some grains like sorghum and millet in there for them to munch on.

Another reason why they need to be in the other place for a little bit.

I am also going to add large branches for them to climb on and such.

Any tips on how to build a door would be appreciated too. I am stumped.

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