pheasant with broken toes

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    Oct 5, 2009
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    i feel absolutely awful... it is my fault..

    he got on the outside of our yard... i went around the fence and he followed me all the way back around.. but couldn't figure out the gate... he kept trying to go to the wrong side.. into the corner... so i went to pick him up.. and i had him around his chest, but he's flighty, and wiggled out to where i had just his foot and a was trying to get back uder him to gather him in and i heard his toe/toes snap... if i had known i only had toes and that he would fight soo badly i would have just let him fly to the ground rather than trying to get him back under control....

    i set him back down in the yard becasue he was still fighting so badly.. and i wanted him to get settled.. he runs on it, but when he stops he holds it up....

    should i attempt to catch him again and splint him, or will it heal fairly fast??
    is there any way i can give him anything for the pain?? baby asprin disolved in a lot of water??
    is he even in pain?? what's a birds pain tolerance??

    he had just settled down too.. and trusted me.. i hope he can again... he spent all day yesterday following me around the yard as i re-arranged my chicken living quarters...

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