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  1. simplyjessi

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    Aug 8, 2014
    Does anyone keep ducks with their pheasants? We put 2 new ducks in for a half hour, but every time they would come across each other, the pheasants would pop up and fly into the roof netting of their coop. Does this calm down at all?

    Main reason I'm asking, is our pheasant coop is attached to a chicken coop. The ducks are with the chickens, but the pheasants seem to be smarter, so we want to put the small pond in with them (2 pheasants in a 130+ square foot pen.

    Will the pheasants calm down or are we stressing them out? Is our area just possibly not big enough? We want the ducks to live with the chickens, just want them to be able to pop inside the pheasant coop a few times a week for a dip.

    Here's a photo of the pheasant coop:
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    Nice Pen!
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    Ringnecks stress out very easy and usually don't get along with other birds not even other types of pheasants. They more than likely will never get accustomed to your ducks. Game birds also should never be housed with any type of domestic fowl. Domestic birds carry diseases that they are immune to but are deadly to game birds. If you have wire netting over your pen as opposed to nylon netting your birds could injure their head or break their neck by being startled and hitting the wire on top. You have a great looking pen but no need to put a pond in there, just find another area for your ducks, they will love the pond.
  4. simplyjessi

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    Aug 8, 2014
    Yeah.. we already decided and started constructing a separate duck coop. We want to keep our pheasant pair super healthy and stress free. Thanks for your feedback!
  5. Bob White quail

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    Oct 22, 2014
    good idea about making a separate pen for ducks and pheasants I know what you are talking about I have quail and added pheasants and the pheasant freaked the quail but pheasant get along if is the enough cover,food and space. but if you are planning on have babies the rooster pheasant would kill the ducklings and the pheasant chicks might drowned in the duck water if you have that for them. so good idea.

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