Pheasants with Guineas?


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Apr 12, 2008
Sacramento CA
Our Neighbor was mowing their yard and found some Pheasant and Turkey eggs. I put them in the Incubator with Guinea eggs. 10 Guineas, 2 Pheasants and 1 Turkey hatched. Now if I raise the Pheansants with the Guineas and turn them out with them, Do you think they will stay with the Guineas??

Depends on the species of the pheasants, if the are common ringneck very probably they will stay around for the first week or so after being free, then will start to going out more and more (specially if is breeding season) until they will rarely come by. It is more probable for them to stay around when the food in the wild is scarce (per example winter).
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Yeah they are Ringneck.. When the Guineas grow up they go to my Aunts whom has 10 acres. So I will just let them go with the Guineas and whatever happens happens.. She doesnt have Any predators where we live so they should be fine.


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