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    Oct 1, 2008
    Hello fellow chicken folks, I suppose ill start off by saying that I have no idea if this is the right area to post something like this or not but here goes nothing. My name is steve, I am a 23 year old, student taking a break from school, I am a dog trainer for a living, and I am planning on moving to Phoenix at the latest by September. I am a huge animal lover, i have 3 dogs, 1 cat, turtles, and 10 chickens. My problem now is that when i move up to Phoenix, in the beginning i will be living with my brother in an area that does not allow chickens, all my pets will be welcomed except the chickens. I am honestly looking for any members in or near Phoenix that would consider boarding my birds for a few weeks to months till i can find a place that allows birds. I am fully willing to pay for their boarding, as well as be responsible for feeding, cleaning, and caring for the birds while they are staying. Honestly I am really just looking for any way possible to keep my little family whole, these 10 birds i hatched and raised from eggs, so am very attached to them, a little to attached to pawn them off in order to move. Any help, or advice would be wonderful in this situation, since september is nowhere near, i am really just hoping to network and possibly develope a friendship with any members who would consider helping me.

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