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Ok all so I may still be a little lost on the whole how to find out if chickens are allowed in certain cities. I will be moving to phoenix, AZ soon and am wondering if things have changed regarding hens there. I read some old posts on here from 2008, and was just wondering if anything has changed in the city since then? I currently have ten pullets that id hate to part with so any help or advice would sure help.

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Phoenix still allows a total 20 fowl and rodents, depending on your zoning. There is still the noise ordinance regarding roosters---so watch out for that.
The law for your city is still the law for that city. You may have restrictions based on your parcel # and zoning---which we BYCers don't know.

If you can find out what you are zoned as, we can help you out a bit more.
Well im still trying to get all of my bearings as far as exact locations since im not exactly there yet. From what ive been told from my brother who i will be living with for a few months is that it is Laveen? a new subdivision at that. He says that its a pretty tight neighborhood, with not a huge backyard. Now my ten pullets are just 2 1/2 months old now, and they are blue cochins, silkies, and silkie cochin mixes. All are breeds that through reading i have learned mauture very slowly. So my thinking is that i have a good 6 months give or take till they start laying? causing noise etc... So I may just swing it and take them anyway? my only other option would be to find someone who could board them for me? Id cover the cleaning, feeding, and providing for. They'd basically just need someone willing to donate some spare space? preferably not too far from where im located if it will be daily care. Thank you all for any advice or help.
Laveen is unincorporated; part of it is in the city of Phoenix, the remainder is outside city limits in Maricopa county. If you have the address you should be able to determine whether it is in Phoenix or not. Maricopa Country has no rules relating to keeping of poultry, so if you are outside Phoenix city limits, there should not be a problem with code enforcement. If you are in Phoeni, you can look up the rules listed at the head of this forum. However, you may have an HOA, and that could make things more sticky. While Laveen is traditionally a farming community, newer developments contain tiny postage stamp sized lots.

Anyways, don't post the address here, but go to and do a search on the address to see where exactly the parcel is located.
My brother doesnt care, he rarely concerns himself with animal issues. Ill definitly look up that information,thanks for the info, i figure the pullets are all still quite small. They wont make too much of a mess, or noise at this point and ill just have to make certain to keep them cleaned up after and quiet. Im figuring it wont be till October or November that any of them begin to lay, so i have lots of time to get adjusted and find a chicken proper place. Thank you both so much for your great advice.

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