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Got my AT&T phone bill, looking at the itemized statement...............something is not right!

Additional charge of $14.99 for Streaming Flix, LLC!!!!!!!!!! what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not authorize that payment to be made to AT&T. We called them and they are out for the weekend.

They are going to hear from us MONDAY MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyone got this on their bill???????????
There is a term for this, I believe that it is called stacking. I ran into this with the F company here in the northeast. The phone company allows third party billing. For example I got charged 19.99 for 3 months in a row - no authorization from me and it was for website development. I do my own website through I called the phone company and they handed me off to an 800 number where I got put on hold never to speak to a real person. I did get a refund and then dropped the phone company.
Yes, I found out a couple of weeks ago that I have been paying an extra 15.00 a month for a service I did not order and did not use.
By the time they were done calculating the difference they owed me over 200.00. It must have been my klucky lucky day because just when I was going to hang up she said, "now because of this phone call you will probably receive a survey phone call and a cell phone offer". I told her my dh has had at&t cell service ever since they bought out cingular but for some reason it comes on a separate bill.

Come to find out, when at&t bought out cingular the services should have been automatically bundled, due to some kind of computer glitch mine was not.

When i called them in the first place we were over three months behind in payments ($364.00). by the time I hung up we had a 14.00 credit.

definately my clucky lucky day
Thats happened to me. Now I go over the phone bill with a fine tooth comb.
It was the good thing I looked at the bill because it was the first time they did this stunt on me! Last month it was $35 and this month it was $50 so I figured why was such an increase?

Bingo, I found this Slicker part on the bill............makes me mad!
I've been finding out it is a fraud. They are accessing somehow on your IP addresses. Not sure how they would hack into it.

The phone company has been gettting ALOT of complaints now......whats next???????????

They also said it was due to iPod or anything of videos. Not sure what it is but we do not have a cell phone. We only have DSL online thru AT&T and if anything, it would be YouTube that we see all the time for music and see other folks chickens LOL!

How in the heck they access to it?????????????/
Called yesterday and the phone company told hubby that he authorized the Flix company to use their services and wanted to know if it is true. Hubby said no, to almost every question they had about this company doing this and told him that they will put a BLOCK on them. They do not know how they access but all they said is someone got our phone number, call AT&T and active it. We thought why dont they put security measures on customer's phone accounts!!!! (like we do for our online bill accounts) Are they STUPID???!!!!!! Anyway, the customer service rep said, they have been getting alot of these calls!

If those fraud folks from Flix been looking in phone books, getting folk's phone numbers, it makes me question why didn't AT&T inform their customers about Flix's doings??????????

It would take two to three billing statements before it ceases. ARRRRRGH! They will credit back in our account. Yeah, take the money but don't pay it back directly.

I can not find anything on BBB on this.
We have AT&T house service and cell service. This same stuff started happening to
my grandmother back in August of 2009. I called got a credit and thought it was straightened out. NOT.
I called every month (got credit each time) and it never got straightened out until I
finally got a real nice young lady last month who took as long as I needed to get it
all fixed. Was on the phone with her for 48 minutes.
Got our cell phone bill which are bundled with my mother house service and on my daughters
portion of the bill was 30.00 in download charges when nothing has been downloaded. Called and finally got it straightened out.
Had to get a purchase or download block put on all 3 phones (well 4 counting grandmothers).
They told me if yoyu are online and fill out any forms and put your cell number that it happens
a lot where you start seeing these 3rd party charges coming in. I know if you get a text like say for
"joke of the day" you are charged a subscription fee.
Only thing is my grandmother has no computer much less even knows how to turn one on.
She still has not figured out how the cell phone works with no phone cord either.

So the best way I saw to stop it was to call and get a purchase block put on cell phone
and they will email you a code in case you ever have to download something.

(EweSheep good luck to you if you get it done in two to three billing statements.)

Took Took 7 months to get my grandmothers straightened out.
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