Pic of our coop/chicken ark

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    We bought the plans for this online from a classified ad on ebay for $14.


    Our girls seem to be quite happy! A second coop is going to be built by the time the girls reach maturity & the 2 coops joined by a hallway. The plans for this coop says it will accommodate up to 6 hens, so we have 5 hens but I don't think it's big enough. When they get fully grown, this is going to be too small for them, so the second coop will be built and added on by the end of summer.

    In any case, we are very proud of our chicken ark! I have ordered a metal decorative rooster weathervane to put on top over the front door end.

    Bock bock cheep!
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    Jun 11, 2007
    Love the design! Love your screen name!

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