PICK UP ONLY, West Central Indiana, 6+ Maran-X eggs


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Apr 24, 2009
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So that I am fully clear on this- This is for PICK UP ONLY. This auction is for 6 eggs, whatever I collect the day the auction ends. I don't have a car at the moment, so I can't ship any eggs right now, but my girls are in full swing, and the eggs are fertile, so if you are looking for some eggs that will hatch out beautiful, interesting, good layers of large brown eggs, then this auction is for you!

My rooster is a very handsome Silver Cuckoo Maran boy. His girls are :SLW (These girls give me amazing, beautiful brown eggs, so rich in color!), Black Australorp, Araucauna, and Sexlink. (These Sexlink girls pump eggs out like crazy!). I'm currently getting about a dozen eggs every other day, so I thought I would share. We have our bators completely fully right now, so I have no more room, and so long as I have a dozen or so eggs on hand to eat, I can share the rest. I have Bantam mixed eggs too, as my Bantams have just started laying again, and Mallard duck eggs too. I only have one Mallard pair, but my girl gave me an egg last night, and another egg today, much to my surprise, so if you want a Mallard egg too, let me know. If I have them to give, I will give them. My bantams are primarily Cochin, and in a variety of colors, and there are two Frizzled hens in there too. I also have White Silkies, a Mille Fleur d'Uccle hen, a Sikie-X hen, and 3 Bantam BO roos, and a Bantam BO hen in there. There is also a Standard mixed hen in there as the Standard birds didn't like her, but the Bantams accepted her. She is really small for a Standard, only weights about 4lbs and is most likely a Welsummer cross. If I have Bantam eggs at the close of this auction, I might have some to give. I can't promise anything though. As Spring comes and I start to separate out my colors, I'll have pures to offer, but for now everyone Winter's together, Bantams in one area, Standards in another. Below are a few pics of my birds. They are a mix of hatchery and breeder stock:

Bantam Cochin Splash rooster:


Wyandotte hen:


Silkie hen:


I can put up more pictures of the Standard hens if people want to see more pics. The picture at the top is of my Maran rooster Mystery, and he's the only roo in with my Standard girls.
Here are some new pictures that I took last night of the standards. They are all big, beautiful birds with excellent temperments. My Sexlinks actually demand to be held and loved, lol. You can see how beautiful my rooster's tail is, and how tall he is. He's a very handsome boy, but not vain about it like my little Bantam Cochin boys.
Here are the pictures:

Here is Mystery the rooster:


Here is a close up of one of the Araucauna girls (They lay a nice, soft pink egg)


And here is one with several of them in the picture. They didn't want to stop and pose for pictures, I had given them scratch! Lol. I also suspect that there will be a molt coming on soon. But for now they are still laying!:


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