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May 8, 2012
what's the best way to catch and pick up a large guinea male? I have to admit, he's a little intimidating and I'm a little afraid of being pecked or clawed.
If you are very worried, get a small sheet or a large but light (thin) towel. Corner the bird somewhere dark. Keep in mind you'll have birds flying everywhere, but if you move slow until you throw the sheet on the bird you want, it won't be too bad. Keep the eyes draped with the towel but leave some breathing space, especially if it is hot or you had to give a bit of a chase.

Other ways include sneaking up on them at night (You might get pecked, but usually not hard). If you are getting them off the perch, you can still use a towel, but try not to get birds jumping off the perch. If you are really good, dart your hands at their legs (in a dark area), get a firm but not hard hold, and in a smooth motion lift them upside down by both legs.
They sell poultry catching nets. Might be something to look into. As for me I usually corner them into a closed space such as a kennel. Then I just grab him . However, I always wore thick gloves when dealing with them
If he is already in a pen the towel method works great and I would wear gloves with some kind of arm protection. Those claws are sharp! Keep the wings folded under so they will not get hurt. I had one that had to be picked up to put in the coop as he still went to the baby brooder at night. To collect him I would pick him up backyards and hold him football style, with his but in the air til I could get him in the coop.
He just didn't know what to make of it! But I had a free hand and he was quiet!
Don't be afraid. I sometimes did wear eye protection. I don't know how they did it but claws often scraped my face and left some deep cuts. And these are ones who loved to be held! Just not picked up for the coop transfer! Go figure!
Now they go in by themselves which is so much easier!
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