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    Sep 24, 2008
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    Local pick up only. Located between Grand Rapids and Lansing MI. Small flock of Black Aussies. One Roo and 6-8 hens. All birds are just over 2 years old - or less. I am replacing some of my older flock with new birds, and don't have time to butcher all these and can them. They are $5 to a good home. They are free range birds that have been fed a natural feed. Some are just getting done molting, so you should get some eggs over the winter. A couple will be the low birds on the pecking order - going into a smaller flock this should not be such a big deal - right now they're getting picked on fairly badly. The roo is a good lookout for hawks and eagles and sounds the alarm to get the girls under cover.
    They have produced nice fertile eggs for me, so if you're looking to start small and then raise some new birds for next year, these should do the trick. Their young roos are pretty good eating at about 14 weeks, the pullets start laying about 16-18 weeks.
    I'm hoping someone out there who has been thinking about getting chickens but who doesn't want to run an incubator or brooder will find this a chance to get started.
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