*PICS* of the babies out in the coop for the first time today


12 Years
Jan 9, 2008
Washburn, MO
Scared to come out of the box

The ducks huddled in the corner. I guess they don't remember the chicks!

Finally venturing out.

I had to go to the "SINGLE" tab at the top before it would open.
That's a nice cam set up. Do you have to have a certain kind of camera or what? I'd love to set one up, so *I* can keep an eye on them!
lol .... I shoulda mentioned the Single tab

The camera id a Panasonic BL-C131A

A nightmare to set up, unless it works perfectly first time, but once all the settings in the camera and router are correct, it works flawlessly.

I'm pleased with it.
Very nice pictures MW! I am excited for mine to go out for the first time too! However its just a little to chilly here in MT yet! Oh yea Twigg, thats enough of that bragging! 85, NO FAIR! We woke up to snow this morning!
Ok .... that is too weird .... watching my own camera move when someone else is controlling it
Thats a nice set up! I just checked out your cam too!! Gee... I wonder if I could talk my husband into that?!
My chicks are in the office with me and I had the sound on, that was the quietest they have been all day! They were all looking around for the invading chicks!
Oh yea Twigg, thats enough of that bragging! 85, NO FAIR! We woke up to snow this morning!

Forcast is for a high of 60 on Saturday, and we could have tornados Sun/Mon .....

Oh, and we might not be done with snow yet, either

Never a dull moment around here.​
OK! I wil take my snow over your tornados:rolleyes: I spent some time around the Tulsa area a few years ago. I was there in the spring(March), the summer(july) and I spent a couple of Christmas hthere. I def like the summer best, but I was on vacation and didnt have to work in it. One of the Christmas,s it was 85 when I left there, drove straight home and it was 40 below zero! 120 degrees difference in 26 hours! It really is pretty around there.

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