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    Jun 11, 2007
    I've posted this problem a few weeks ago, now I have included a picture. I have 9 RIR hens and 5 of them now have the feathers picked clean off their necks. I'm certain it is happening at night while roosting. I noticed this happening before I introduced 6 new chicks into the coop. My 6 new chicks look great with no feather loss - which makes me think my RIR don't have a disease. I have added AVIA Pro to their water, given them dry cat food and black oil sunflower seeds and sprayed their necks with Blue Kote. Also, given them shade(we live in florida) and more room to perch and dusted them 2 different times for mites. The problem is only getting worse. I also included a picture of one of my hen's rear end, it has feather loss and the skin is red and swollen as if it is infected. Any suggestions??? Thanks.

    Here is the bald neck;

    Here are two pictures of the swollen rear end;
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    The feathers on the one hen look kinda ratty, which leads me to believe that you might have a nasty infestation of mites. But there are other critters that are area specific, some like the head area and others prefer the rump. Mites tend to hang out on perches and nesting areas. So you would have to treat those areas as well. I used De Flea spray and shampoo. Yes, I bathed my more seriously infected birds in the bathtub with warm water, I also added a few drops of vitamin E oil to the rinse water, to restore some of the oils on the feathers. I did this one chicken at a time, since it was important to get them dry and keep them warm afterwards. Inside the house was the best place for that.
    My vet said that this was a safe product for chickens, since it is also safe for puppies and kittens. He also suggested Bio-spot, but said that no studies have been done on how that would affect the eggs and recommended that we not eat the eggs from birds treated with bio-spot.
    My rooster ended up with redness and swelling like your birds and I have been putting aloe vera on his skin. He is finally beginning to look like himself again.
    Good luck

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