Pictures of your chicks mama with chicks, or your broody hen!


5 Years
Jul 15, 2016
My babies when we got them! Sadly the splash silkie,white silkie,and one buff cochin passed
but the blue silkie survived wry neck and is now called Crooked! CX

Two of my freshly hatched chicks! I take them out of the incubator right away because they tend to get frightened and crawl into the water container. I let them dry off a little under my shirt and give them to momma hens or put them in the brooder with their siblings. Sometimes they need some rest time in a comfy little "nest" in the incubator before they are strong enough for that.

My brooder of chicks. These were the extras I didn't have mommas for, so I found them a wonderful new home where they are doing very well. Ringo, Vlad the vaulted skull silkie, and Parsley were just a few of the chicks in the incubator.

Wild Thing in the old ferret crate with her trio of chicks: Rowan, Izzie and Gardener. They are now "weaned" from her and doing quite well.

Dodie in the other ferret crate with her trio. We lost two of them to injury and paralysis, but the third, Koriand'ar, is very healthy and hangs out with Possibility and Dodie.

Wild Thing feeding her chicks. They stayed in the small crates until the chicks were strong enough to easily follow their mother and then they were moved to larger pens until the chicks were feathered enough that attacks from other hens wouldn't be so dangerous.

Princess with her trio: Spartacus, Nestor and little Camp.

Dodie in her new pen with her trio, not quite sure what to think about it yet. Her chicks were hiding behind her.

Goldie with one of her chicks, Starfire. Her other is Frankie.

Mrs. Potter with her duo; Wally being one of them. She is already broody again and they are only a couple months old. She as ready for some new babies, that's for sure. She is a Black Giant.

Some standard and bantam chicks doing well mixed together in the brooder.

A newly hatched Buff Brahma mix chick.

Susie (Dodie's mother or aunt or even sister) with her five. This includes the silkie mix, Sheyara, in front. I also call her Cleo, after Cleopatra, because of the eye-liner. She is growing out with blue silkie feathers.

Posse (Possibility) the silkie hen with two of her 8. She is the only one who hasn't fully weaned her chicks, she lets them stay with her and lets the singelton Kori do so as well. She even cuddled the chicks suffering from progressive paralysis when they couldn't perch. The larger chick in the picture is Mumbles, a standard x bantam mix.

Susie's chicks, including Nocturne the darkest and Sheyara. The two blue ones I believe are Rivera and Tide.

Dusty's five chicks: Sage, Rosemary, Tyme, Clovis and Zero.

Posse with afew of her chicks, resting in the dust and shade. Mumbles is in this picture, as well as the silkie mix, Sapphire, and Grand Slam.

I belive these are Princess's chicks older (Spartacus and Nestor) with their little bantam sibling, Camp.

A teen bird, Buttercream, from Princess's last clutch. Princess is broody again already, so she is going for at least three clutches this year.

Dominator guarding Princess and her chicks. He even lets them perch on his back at night.

Eve the Sebright mix hen with her 11. She just completed the "weaning" process a couple days ago and they are working together to keep each other warm, safe, and to find food. They even call one another to food. Some of their names include StarDust, Frodo, Daughtry, Blaze, and Craigen.

Eve with her chicks.

Dusty with her Buff Brahma mix chicks.

Wally, Mrs. Potter's son, showing off his black shoulder spot. He has paint genes.

By the way, you're chicks are ADORABLE!! I'm so sorry for the ones you lost, I know how attached I can get to mine, even if you've only had them a few days.

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