pigeon eggs hatching


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7 Years
Apr 18, 2012
Hi friends

I am having 1 experience of hatching chickens eggs successfully... Hatching around 10 different batches with 80% of success full result in my homemade incubator.. Now its time for another new experience .... This time I am trying with pigeon eggs. Having 10 no's of eggs in my incubator, as far i studied , i realize to know that temp and humidity are same like hatching in chickens eggs..

But now the question arise .. Would the pigeon chicks required special treatment from their parents after hatching ??? someone told me that father pigeon must fill air into the chicks body after they born ,, otherwise chicks will die.... IS IT TRUE??? If yes how can we fill air in the new born pigeon chicks?

Anyone having experience with hatching in pigeon chicks can suggest please..

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