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    Mar 4, 2017
    I'm curious is it normal for a pigeon to set on her eggs as well as a chicken egg? I've had a girl doing just that. Unfortunately we have a egg eater on our hands and the chicken ate her eggs, but left the chicken egg. She's still setting on it. Should I remove it?
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    Pigeons can hatch chicken egg but then may not lay again till two weeks after chick hatches. Never hatch a chick alone, or make sure can get other/s same age and similar breed. Pigens best kept out of reach of chickens, as eventually a chicken will attack adult pigeons their squeakers or eggs.
    Seperate egg eating hen n check when laying and replace hers with dummy egg each time lays until goes broody or stops pecking them, of you don't more will do too. Good luck and let us know how goes.
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    Most important if you want squabs to develop into pigeons I would isolate your breeding pairs. Chickens and pigeons DO NOT MIX.
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    I agree. Young baby squabs + adult chickens = no baby squabs.
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    Oct 24, 2009
    I sometimes let my pigeons hatch out chicken chicks to raise. They do a good job.. and I have had pigeon pairs act like chickens and walk around the coop floor with the chick and brood it when it get too cool or tired.

    This surprised me because I thought the pigeons would get confused and stay on the nest. But mine follow the chicks about outside too like a mother hen.

    Usually thought, I will collect all the hatched chicks after a couple of days and put them in a brooder for me to raise.

    Please, as other posters have advised you, do not keep adult chickens with breeding pigeons. Chickens will eventually discover that pigeon squabs and eggs taste delicious.
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    Sep 25, 2015
    I agree... Chickens in my experience do NOT do well with adult or baby pigeons.[​IMG]

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