Pigeons with chickens?


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Dec 23, 2010
I know i've been asking alot of questions but this should be the last for a while.

I have a chicken coop, 12x5 and 5ft tall. It is going to house about 8 chickens plus afew pullets after I hatch some eggs. Can I allow the pigeons to live with the chickens? Will they get along if I intergrate them to the flock properly? They, of course, will have their own loft/nesting box, but I am not sure if they need to be sectioned off or if they can just fly freely in the pen.? ( it has a "ceiling") I would prefer for them to have the ability to fly freely in the pen if possible.
My chickens are fine with them. They can fly around with all the others, as long as the pigeons somewhere high if the chickens go after them.
The chickens will try and get in the pigeon nest and either bust the eggs or if there are babys they will kill them(they look like food tidbits). AS far as getting along they will but trying to have them nest with chickens is just asking for problems.
I agree with Okla-doodle-doo about nesting...I have a few bantam hens that purposely go to the pigeons' nest boxes and tear their nests up. Some of the smaller hens (and a few larger ones too) even lay their eggs in the nests.

When I first got my rollers I had them in a pen/coop with my d'uccles. The only problem I had was with the chickens trying to bully the pigeons away from the feed and water. Placing cups up high on a 'ledge' that was big enough for the pigeons to walk on but not big enough for the chickens fixed that problem.
My pigeon loft and chicken coop are all one building separated by a partician and the pigeons and chickens share a large wire enclosed outside run. Haven't had any problems with this set-up as the chickens can't get into the pigeon loft. Don't think the two could co-exist unless the pigeon nestboxes and food were up higher than the chickens could reach.

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