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Dec 31, 2015
St.Stephen New Brunswick Canada
Hey everyone,
I am lloking for any tips, advice, or helpful materail on pilgrim geese. I am very experianced with chickens and ducks bu i m very new to geese and wanna do as much research as possible before getting a pair. I am purchasing a pair of goslings in april from a very reputable pilgrim breeder. so whats some helpful tips and things i can do to make them have the best lives possible ? thanks so much.


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Oct 10, 2013
I don't know many pilgrim geese people here and I don't have them myself but they are raised the same as any other breed of goose.
Pilgrim as you probably know along with the Sebastopol geese are the most calm/gentle andmost quiet of the goose breeds.
They eat less then most breeds and aren't very common aswell as a lot of mixed breed geese look a lot like the pilgrim breed.
Geese don't like water as much as ducks and will probably be in the water once or twice a day to wash themselves for about 20 minutes.
They may stay in the water longer during the summer ;)
During breeding season the gander might be a little more aggressive but aren't as aggressive as other breeds (one reason why people pick pilgrim geese).
Geese lay maximum 15-30 eggs and might hatch goslings if you wish.
If you spend a lot of time with them as goslings and talk to them all the time then they will be very tame and excellent pets.
The get along great with ducks and chickens especially if they are raised along side them.
The gander might try and be dominant with your other birds but it's common and is only a teenage thing :D
They don't make as much noise as other breeds but that doesn't say they won't be loud at times.
Oh and pilgrim goslings are auto-sexing with female goslings being very dark in colour with black beaks and the males being light in colour with pink beaks.
Hope it helped!
There is a Pilgrim goose thread here on Byc too btw!
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Jul 12, 2014
I don't check this forum on a daily basis, so I might not reply right away, but I have raised Pilgrims for many years and could give you some info on what works for me. You know how it goes though, as soon as you say a goose will definitely do something they will make a liar out of you. Just trying to be helpful.

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