pine shavings for bedding?

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    Aug 2, 2010
    i am moving my emu chicks into a horse stall since thier pen is getting a little cramped.... it is all set up except the bedding. will pine shavings be ok or will they eat it? i could use hay, but i would rather the shavings since it will be easier to clean.
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    emus only really have two modes: Yummy for Emus, and Not Yummy for Emus. Scrunch a few of the shavings in your hand, and offer them to the chicks. If they eat it . . . If they don't . . .

    Supreme Emu
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    I have pine shavings for bedding in the 8x8 coop I have my 6 week pair housed in for now. It seems to be working ok. [​IMG]

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