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Sep 30, 2010
Hello again! Okay, so we got a second batch of chicks (6 more)last Saturday, for a total of ten again. One died the first night (bottom of the pile), and none since, so we are at 9. They all seem healthy/perky/etc. We switched them to wood pellet type bedding, since that's what they were on at the feed store, but that bag is almost gone, so is it okay to switch them back to pine shavings now? They all have to be at least 2 weeks old, because we got the first batch 2 weeks ago, and the second batch was from that same shipment (the last for the year). So, I have no idea if the shavings were an issue to begin with...but is there any way it should be a problem now?
Ditto, mine go from the hatcher to pine shavings and I also use them in my coop and nest boxes. Cheap and easy! My two favorite words
I've always used pine shavings all the time too. I even line the nest boxes with them, putting it on top of the hay in the box.
I am using the pine shavings for my baby chicks. The majority of the books and articles I have read really recommend the pine shavings for the chicks.
I've seen pine shavings in two styles, one is almost like sawdust and the other is more like actual shavings. Don't bother with the itty-bitty pieces with the sawdust - go for the larger shavings.

I use them for EVERYTHING: brooder, deep litter method of bedding in the coop, and in the nest boxes. I even pull the shavings out of the coop onto the ground when I do a complete bedding exchange twice a year. Just rake up the largest poop chunks for the compost pile, and leave the rest. The chickens love to scratch in it, and it gets distributed on the ground around the coops that way.
Okay, thanks everyone. We will make the shavings switch then. That's what I had planned to use originally, and was...but switched for a bit when we were having so many issues. Now that the chicks are bigger, hopefully the shavings will be just fine. they sure do smell better!
Coffee chaff:
I have access to LOTS of coffee chaff and have been adding it to my pine shavings....its a little messy but the smelll, ohhh the smell is delightful and so far so too!!
We use aspen shavings (you can find it at the pet store as bedding for rabbits and other small mammals). It's also safe for chickens, so there's another option if you can't find pine.

For the first couple of days of their lives, put a paper towel over the shavings until they learn what their food is. After about two days, you can remove the paper towel. They'll still try to eat the shavings (and if they eat a couple, it won't kill them), but they'll give up eventually and go back to the food.

I'm sorry to hear of your loss, by the way...
If your babies are piling up so tightly while they're sleeping that one underneath died, you may want to increase the temperature in the brooder a little.
Thanks, we already had shavings from a couple weeks ago. Switched them in last night and they all lived, so so good so far.

As far as the piling up, it was just that one night, the first night they were here. It is way plenty warm in there. they scatter all over now, even to sleep.

Thank everyone!

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