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  1. I just got a pink chick, I think it's an easter egger, and it has been obviously colored in some way. I got it from a friend who got it from a friend etc... I think the story involves a teenager... anyway, is there any health concerns I should watch out for? I looked at her skin, and it looks fine, she eats and drinks and poos and does everything a regular colored chicken does... what do you think?

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    Jun 14, 2010
    Oh wow I dont know what else to say but WOW [​IMG]
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    There is a link on here somewhere about a pink chicken. I dont know where but I'm sure you could search it out though......Anyway they said on that link they the egg is injected with dye and they are born wharever color the dye was. They will lose the colored feathers and grow in regular colored ones when it molts. Other than that, they are treated just like other chicks.
  4. she's almost as big as my 9 week olds, and the pink is real feathers... not baby fluff. I am just hoping that whatever dye was used is safe, like hair dye instead of something worse. I can't think of anything worse than hair dye, but I'm sure there are things....
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    I'm sure she'll keep molting off the pink until all her true feather color emerges. Poor thing. [​IMG]
  6. My 5yr old DD was thrilled!!! I tried to wash the chick, but not a lot of the color came off... she seems healthy. some people don't have much more sense than a chicken.
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    It looks a bit like spray paint.
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    I recognize her! She's one of the members of a punk rock group "The Clucks". I heard she and the bassist, a polish roo with blue top hat, broke up recently. Perhaps she's trying to get a fresh start.
  9. That is one bit that is extremely clear in our city code... you cannot color fowl in any way, shape or form... guess this ran rampant at one point. Shame they don't write a similar one for painting hermit crabs... INTO their shells... *grumbles*

    But, on a lighter note... just more proof the 80's are making a comeback.
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    Quote:I now have coffee all over my keyboard. LOL!

    I think she is cute!

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