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Aug 7, 2013
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Does the pinking up of the comb come and go. I noticed yesterday morning that my 4 week old Barred Rock had a little pink to "her" comb. Really hoping that doesn't mean she's a he! But later in the day the comb wasn't as pink. And today it doesn't seem as pink (pretty much like yesterday afternoon and evening). Everything else has pointed to her being a pullet (early tail growth, clear spot on her head, speckled feathering so far instead of more distinct barring) So I was bummed to see the little bit of pinking.
Does she look sick? Because when my Wyandotte got sick her comb went light pink and no it dosen't mean she is a rooster sometimes there comb changes if weather changes hot bright red cold light pink
No doesn't seem sick at all. She's never been the most active of my chicks but there has been no change. And she's not NOT active just not as crasy as a couple of the others.
It does seem that if it's warmer out over the past couple days it's been pink. And yellow if it's cool.

I'm going to just operate from the assumption that she's a girl until she crows!
We might be able to tell you if you post a pic. Pink in the comb of bird only 4 weeks old is often the first indicator of a roo. The pullets don't generally start showing much or any color until much later with the combs staying small and yellowish.
I am not convinced that's a roo but I don't know it's not either! Real helpful, I know! The barring seems dark for a roo and the legs have that dark wash down the fronts. And the comb seems very small and yellow for a roo, mine have always been pretty obvious with a much larger, pinker comb and more wattles showing by that age. BUT I have certainly been fooled my share of the time!
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