Pip and peeping, but at the wrong end.

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aka Rachel

10 Years
Sep 15, 2009
Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada

Its the first egg to pip out of this current batch, and I'm on day 2 of the countdown timer for the brinsea mini (hate that it counts DOWN!) so I suppose i'm on day 20..or would that be 19..(see why I hate it!)

Anyway, this lil one has decided to pip early, and at the wrong end. I've heard it peeping so I guess for now it's alive.

Is there a chance this one will hatch? Is pipping at the wrong end certain death? When I candled at day 10 all air cells were in the correct place, I guess this one is realllllllly lucky to have pipped through in a non vital spot?
The chick is already in hatching position when it pips. It will be just fine. It's a little harder to move in the small end, but I've had chicks hatch that way.

It's just preferable to have 'em develop so they have the large end be where their heads are positioned. Preferable for the room, not because they "have" to pip and hatch ONLY at the large end.
we had a breech last hatch... she had to have some help... probably cause silly me... I was trying the egg carton method for the first time!
she got pipped, and zipped, then couldn't push off her lid with her bum!!!

here we are helping...


at two weeks...

and here she is now!!!


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