Pip not all the way thru??

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    I have a broody silkie sitting on an egg. It started to pip today, I don't know when. I noticed when she got up to get a drink and eat that it was pipped. I looked at it and the shell is cracked out, but the inner membrane is still in tact-- it didn't break all the way thru. Is that okay? I imagine it will keep going? I hope I'm worrying over nothing. I've really been kind of neurotic over this! ha! Anyway, I set the egg back and when she got back in the nest, she rolled it back under her again and I haven't touched it since. Can't see what it's doing now, and I have no intention on messing with her.

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    Good idea to leave her alone. The chick will either hatch, or it won't. It's normal for a small pip to show up first, and then nothing for several hours (some will say up to 24 hours).

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