Pipped and died with crusty pip hole.

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    I Have 60 eggs in my incubator and they started to hatch yesterday (a full day early) so i probably have my heat to high. even though my thermometer says 97 and the over says 100.

    But my real question is i have had two chicks pip and then die. I find them all locked up with the amber collored hatching jelatin dried all over their beaks. So i am sure they suffocated. This stuff us super hard and sticky.

    Is this a humidity problem? even with three water containers and a wick the highest humidity i can get is 52%. IS it the humidity or something else? I can attack a picture if that helps.
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  2. your humidity was too high during incubation OR the eggs were not turned enough during the last week of incubation.. both can result in "sticky chicks".. that amber goo is excess albumen which the chick would have absorbed in a "perfect hatch".. once the chick pips the air dries out the excess albumen causing it to harden much like a bug in amber

    as for your humidity reading.. chances are that the hygrometer is inaccurate.. it's a common problem which is why I tend to ignore them and go with the size of the air cell or the weight of the egg instead of a hygrometer... also .. if you have a large surface area for the moisture then the humidity is probably much higher that what the hygrometer is telling you...

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