Pipped egg Thief!??


Crossing the Road
8 Years
Oct 10, 2015
New England
Hi! I have a broody silky sitting on the ground in a corner of our coop. Recently I put a pipped egg from our incubator underneath her. The next day we came back to find the egg gone! No shells, no chick, and our broody is still sitting on her nest. We searched the shavings to see if she buried it. Nothing. Any thoughts on who the egg thief could be???:barnie:hmm
My guess would be a snake. If you have a camera put either a fake egg or golf ball under her and point the camera at her.
Update: We just went back to the coop and found a dead chick in the run. Still no clue where the shell went and how it got there?! Our coop is pretty big.

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