Pipped Eggs that DO NOT HATCH

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    And that's the truth! Boy, I always wondered just how bad it could be if I opened the incubator during the hatch.

    I never tried it because I didn't want to take the risk. But my son opened the incubator during the hatch when I was out of town. He did not understand my instructions. So... I can home to a bunch of eggs that did not hatch.

    Luckily, I did not wait and it was only day 21. I opened the bator and took each egg out and listened. If I heard anything I opened it.

    I was able to save 7 chicks (I opened 8 but one did not make it)

    It took hours working to save those chicks because you have to do it slowly as to not let them bleed much. So I would do some on one, put it back in the incubator and so on until it was time to work on the 1st one again. Sometimes I left them alone for a few hours and started up again. I still had 2 tricky ones and left them overnight.

    They were just where I left them the next morning. I finished up (one of those died) and they were weak but alive.

    It took a few extra days for them to be strong enough to go in with the others that hatched by themselves but they are strong and well now.

    Lesson learned. Do not open the incubator for whatever reason during the hatch.

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