Pipped Guinea fowl eggs in lockdown


Dec 9, 2018
Hi, last night I didn't notice any pipped eggs, and had to remove the turning rod in my incubator. I did it very quickly and opened the incubator a few centimetres, once I had done that is when I noticed two eggs were pipped. I sprayed water into the vent holes to up the humidity. I have seen the chicks move a bit (one has its beak peaking through a tiny bit) but they have not progressed any more, that was over 8 hours ago now. They are now on day 26. Will they still hatch?

P.s first time hatching Guinea fowl eggs.


photo is not mine, but its what my egg looked like when i lifted lid.


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Sep 29, 2014
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They usually wait around 24 hours between externally pipping and starting to unzip, though I've had quail go longer (I've only hatched quail and chickens, but the time frame seems pretty standard for most birds). Unzipping happens pretty quickly, but at this stage your babies will be absorbing the remains of their yolk and the blood from the veins that have been going through the membrane, plus resting up before the action begins. So there's no reason to worry. I'm sure they are just fine. Good luck with them.

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