PITY PARTY...EVERYONE INVITED..Tell your sob stories !


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Sep 14, 2007
Kalispell , MT
I'll start first...I've been laid off for a year . Hubby was too , he had surgery in April and was released in July . He's now working in California , away from me while I'm taking care of our 36 acres ( 3 horses , 40 chickens , 2 dogs , 4 cats ) . Paying bills and find out we've been turned into collection for one that was never billed to our insurance ( why have it when they say we have never sent the paper work in !! ) . Roomate/BF moved out ( she was paying $225 per month with her horse and cat here...now she's paying $575 month plus $90 electric in her new place ) Just wanted her to save some money so she could have a nest egg . Can't blame her , she didn't feel like it was her place . Now I'm here all alone....Nobody to talk to ...stressed out...missing my hubby . My dog just went in today for knee surgery , I'll be picking him up tomorrow . On a good note ...my horse is finally healing up after 3 1/2 from a bad cut/infection of his hock .

Lets here who else wants to vent their frustrations !!! Everyone has them...lets try to help everybody out ! VENT AWAY !!!!
Okay heres my vent.

I'm going to have back surgery,Rods placed in my lower back to correct my scoliosis.The doctors cant do till sometime in DEC.This doc is ALWAYS booked up!.We would have a regular appointment at 1:00pm and not leave till 5:00pm.Its ridicules.Why cant there be more surgeons in FL??? UGH

Heres another one..
My aunt that lives in the city (well country but alot more people LOL) took in a stray female cat sometime last year.Well this cat has already had two litters of kittens.I don't know what happened to the first litter but they aren't around... She just had her second litter and my aunt caught the babies and put them all in a cage.Well she has ALREADY named these 4 kittens and is planning on keeping them.They do not even have the money to redo their roof,BUT they are keeping 5 cats now!!!.The mother cat will just end up preggo's again and when the babies grow up they will just add to the stray cat population.My mom told her we would get her fixed last year if they paid atleast half of the bill.Nope the didn't do it.So now this cat is going to bring god knows how many kittens into that already cat overrun town.

I just don't get it??? ** bangs head on wall**
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well Im setting at work its now 1:28 am I've been here since 1:50 pm, ding ding me messed up at work. I work for a bank and I fill in for the night operator, and I forgot to send our totals before doing our nightly processing......well guess what!! there is no quick fix to that one, My estimated time of getting to leave if (BIG IF) things go smoothly I will get to leave around 6:00 am....UGH!! I also costed the bank a pretty penny to get this fixed
well i get to take my dad to the VA hospital tomorrow, he has a macro adenoma on his pitutary gland, it is a benign tumor, but gets really big, and squishes all his normal brains.
So lets see a pic of that boy!! I remember what that "cut" looked like
Glad he's doing better - see, not everything is going wrong

My hubby and I have our own electrical contracting business. We do all new residential construction. Early this spring our main contractor filed bankrupcy
That hurt... A LOT. We were so used to a life where we could basically do what we wanted, when we wanted (within reason - not movie star type behavior here
). Then that hit. We now do everything we can to keep our heads slightly above water, and just push forward with everything we have in us. It has been a very trying time for both of us, our mental state, and our relationship. Luckily neither one of us can imagine not being with the other, so we have our moments, but we work it out. Things are just starting to get a teeny tiny little bit better, but we know the hard times aren't over, although it is just slightly easier to see the glimmer at the end of the tunnel
Just keep truckin' no matter how tough it seems...
Just went out and took pics...hold on while I figure out how to down load them...Darn you for making me go outside when it's 31 degrees !
Try to post pics soon !
Hope once you have it done yours does as well as mine. I was in a 4-wheeler wreck in 2004, I broke one of my verts and it ended up shattering before I had surgery. They also found out that I had ripped some Muscles away from my spine so they ended up fuseing 2 of my verts together with a bone from my hip and I have 2 13inch titanium rods holding my spine up. I've honestly had no problems with them and I can't tell their even there. I ride horses as well and dosen't bother me a bit. Good luck with yours!!
Well Gaited...you're going to have to tell me how to post pics...they're on the computer now...I even went as far as putting them up on Photo bucket, but I'm pretty stupid about all this computer stuff...seems like when I figure it out , then they change it ! My hard drive ? went out a few months ago...so all of the pics I had are gone ( including my wedding pics which I can't find the cd's/ dvd's / whatever they're called....so I have hardly any pics left . ) How the heck do I put pics on my computer now !!! The hardware is installed..it comes up with different options....now it won't down load th epics here !

When I get it figured out...you'll see his "cut" is looking so much better ! Thanks for asking !

Buck wild...I feel ya...hang in there . Back surgery is no fun..especially if the docs hang you out ! Why can they be late...but if we are we have to pay ? Hopefully this will make you feel better . It will be restricting on your movement , but it's better than the pain ! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts !

Terri...Hope everything goes well with you dad....not much into prayer...but there are well wishes coming your way !

So if anyone wants to see pics of Booger....TELL me how to put the darn pic up there....tried to follow the directions, not working !!!

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