Pix from yesterday at Glenn Cottage Eggery


11 Years
Apr 4, 2008
Tucson AZ
Everyday I put the chicks out to play in their tractor for a few hours. They have lots of fun!!

Here are some photos I took yesterday some are in the yard attached to the coop, others are in the tractor.

Here are Olivia and Ophelia playing follow the leader

Here are all four on the back of an old chair I put in the run for them to play on during the day.

Here are two photos of them perching on the old chair I put in the chicken tractor. (I picked up some old chairs people were throwing away a while back. I planned on painting them, I still might do that.)

Here are all four perching on the chair, but one is flapping her wings so you can't see her very well.

And here are just three of them perched on the chair watching the world go by.

Here are Roxanne and Rosalind up on the top of the old chair.

Here is Roxanne on the porch of the coop, notice Spartacus standing guard in the background.


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