Placement of fan in incubator.


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Sep 3, 2020
Hi everyone! I've had to get on here more than once for injured chicks. Sometimes the news was bad. And sometimes the news was good. Either way each time there were people to help me along on the way. And I trusted their opinion because I knew that they had been there before. I appreciate the time a lot of you spend helping people like me. It's a selfless motive and a beautiful, time consuming thing. I'm guessing. Maybe not. Either way, thanks again.
So I've progressed to building my 2nd gator. Moving from still air to 12v fan. I've read conflicting comments about the placement of said fan. Most say top. Some say point up. Some say down. Sides. Bottom. Its 15" all the way around. Thanks yall!
How tall is your new incubator? It depends on size and configuration of the incubator as well as the cfm the fan moves.
Frequently at the top center facing downward works best because it will blow the heat down and spreads it outward from the center to rise back up and seems to get the best mixing of air.
Sometimes, depending on the shape and location of heat source, it may be better to blow across the heat source. If you have a very tall cabinet, on top blowing down may not effectively spread the heat. I have one like that and I had to add another bank of fans in a sort of duct system to bring upper level air to the floor and allow it to rise up through the egg trays.
It may be a trial and error thing where you may need to make changes after it operates and you monitor temperature in various locations in the incubator.

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