placing an egg turner in incubator a few days later... QUESTION!


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Feb 24, 2011
Columbia MO
can you put an egg turner in like 4-5 days after you have already put the eggs in the incubator or should you just wait one way or the other? I was not sure what all would change heat and humidity wise so i figured someone could shed a little light on the matter!
The biggest issue I can see you having is with the heat. The egg turners motor gets very hot and you will have to keep an eye on your heat setting as it will be warmer in there with the turner than it was.
That's true, but if the bator has a thermostat, it will compensate for the added heat from the motor. It will fluctuate some until the thermostat is able to find the equilibrium temp. Any time you change something mid incubation, it's a calculated risk. But if you need the turner in there for a good reason (ie leaving town...can't turn eggs), it might be worth the risk.

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