Placing Docile Pullet with Babies?

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11 Years
May 27, 2011
Hedgesville, WV
Next week I will be putting my 7 week old babies out in their grow up coop. They are feathered and in good shape, I have been reducing the temp. in a large brooder cage significantly to acclimate them to the 20-30 degree weather here in WV.
I am considering putting a very docile, bottom of the pecking order 7 month old pullet with them for training and companionship. Does this make any sense? Do I just leave them on their own and let them figure everything out. I am not too worried about the cold, but what about a dim light to keep them from piling up when it gets dark because they have been under an infra-red light since they were born. Any advise would be appreciated.
Hey RattlesnakeRidgeWV
I have a hen with a bad leg that I use to raise and be a friend to my baby chicks. Worked out great. Do keep a close eye on your hen for a while after introducing the chicks to make sure it will work. Good luck!
In my case my two darling hens that are the lowest in rank in the main flock were awful. They saw the oportunity to make someone lower ranking then them and picked on the newbies. They were so sweet I never thought in my wildest dreams they could ever be so mean but they were. You just have to watch them to find out how it will turn out. As far as the light goes, do what you feel they need. Is there roosts in the brooder cage so they won't pile up? Are you aclimating the cold air little at a time? If your just worried about pile up I think they will be fine with out it. I would be more worried they wouldn't be used to the cold yet.

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