planning my walk in run. Input needed!

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  1. stargirl

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    Jun 15, 2011
    Before winter sets in, I'm building my girls a bigger and better walk-in run under my decking area.



    It's a little shady, but they seem to like to sit under there a lot anyway, and it's an easy ready-made space. We rent our home, so sadly we can't do anything too big or permenant. This spot has the shelter and protection from the house, the cover from the decking and a concrete floor to stop the foxes digging in. The window just looks into our cellar, which is just used for storage.

    I'm planning on ordering some custom-made aviary panels and fitting them as per the black lines in this (awful) diagram:

    Their existing coop works brilliantly so I'll just move than in.

    Then cover the floor with... sand?

    They'll still be let out to chomp on my lawn and flowerbeds as often as possible, but I want it to be pleasant and safe for them in the run too.

    Suggestions or comments please!! [​IMG] I'd be very grateful! x
  2. clarkechick

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    May 24, 2011
    I know where my coop is the run is covered in fallen leaves and pine needles - no grass. My ladies seem to love digging in it. Maybe if you rake the yard and put the fallen leaves, dead grass and pine needles in there it will create the same sort of effect over the cement?

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